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The sweetest family

Summer is almost officially here in the South! I met the Williams family on a beautiful evening in Macon at Wesleyan College for family photos. I was friends on Instagram with Mary Margaret first, who is a photographer herself. She is just as delightful in real life! It’s always an honor when another photographer asks you to capture their family. Macon offers a variety of locations to choose from for family photos. On this warm evening, we played in this beautiful field and captured them with their little one, Ellis. 

Don’t let summer weather scare you away

Contrary to popular thought, summer is an ideal time to take photos. Everything is green and it’s the perfect time of year to capture new family memories. Specifically, the days are longer! Therefore, we can schedule photos later in the evening when the weather is cooler. There are less schedule restrictions as well, so no having to work around extra curricular activities. This means you can relax and enjoy your session! For the Williams family photo session, we played around in the field with their precious son Ellis. My favorite moment was when Mary Margaret, who had been in show choir in college, sat down with Ellis to sing him his favorite song. The natural moment made for some of the sweetest images!

They coordinated their family photo outfits!

I have to mention that I loved the way they coordinated their family photo outfits! The color palette of pastel green and blue was inspired by Ellis’ cute little romper. Fun fact: At the end of the session, Ellis asked me what my tag number was. I thought I had definitely heard incorrectly so I asked Mary Margaret to clarify. Sure enough she confirmed that he loves numbers! His precious self loved exploring the field and running around with mom and dad. We even made sure to get some pictures of Mary Margaret and Garrett. An evening well spent with this family! If you would like to book a session in this beautiful weather, I’d love to hear from you!

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June 5, 2022



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