Birmingham Bridal Portraits

A stunning bridal gown with lace details, a pony, and an incredible second gown-Jasmine’s bridal portraits at Wildwood Equestrian are straight out of a Pinterest board!

Why You Should Do Bridal Portraits Ahead of Your Wedding Day

The benefit to taking bridal portraits ahead of your wedding day is that we have ample time to get stunning shots of you in your dream dress. Since Jasmine had two gowns, we wanted to make sure we had beautiful images in different locations. Doing the bridal portraits separate from the wedding day also allows you to relax on the big day, knowing we have captured all the important details of your bridal look ahead of time.

A Classic Tulle and Lace Wedding Dress

Another day, another incredible day at the Windwood Equestrian in Birmingham, Alabama. Their sprawling estate made a perfect venue for Jasmine’s bridal portraits. Jasmine had not one, but two completely amazing gowns for her bridal portraits! Her first look, a classic white dress from White One Bridal, was accented by a dainty lavender bouquet by Cece’s Designs. The tulle skirt and lace bodice were the perfect mix of modern and feminine. Since we were at an equestrian venue, Jasmine had a special guest-Lily! A white pony who loved trying to chew on the flowers (and Jasmine’s dress!), Lily made these photos feel like even more of a fairytale!

A Modern and Enchanting Outfit Change

Jasmine opted to let her personality shine by having a second dress for her bridal portraits. An incredible lavender tulle gown by Styled Gowns, this dress was made for her! How incredible does she look in it?! Highly recommend making sure your wedding day reflects you and what you love. If that’s a second gown in your favorite color-go for it! With floral jewelry by All About Romance and a more elaborate bouquet with roses, this was a perfect Bridgerton inspired look. The courtyard at the Windwood served as a second location. The fireplace covered in greenery was covered with flowers in shades of white, pink, and purple. Jasmine’s lavender gown stands out even more and I’m so in love with how magical this setting was.

Sunset Bridal Portraits

The pastures at the Windwood are always incredibly beautiful at sunset. Surrounded by trees, the sun sets behind them and the pastures are illuminated with the dreamiest light. It’s here that we finished off Jasmine’s portraits and the results could not have been more incredible. If you’ve been on the fence about wearing your dress before the big day for portraits, I hope these photos give you a few reasons why you should consider it! If you’d like to inquire about wedding photography, I’d love to get to know you and hear your love story!



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June 10, 2022



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