Middle Georgia Wedding Venues

If you’re reading this-congratulations!! Searching for a wedding venue is so fun and one of the most important decisions. It helps solidify a lot of options in your wedding planning and begins to set the tone for the overall feel for your day. I’ve done a lot of the legwork for you and compiled a list of wedding venues in Middle Georgia. Looking for a wedding venue in Macon, specifically? Check out my guide to Macon wedding venues here!

Middle Georgia Barn Wedding Venues

Barns are one of the most prominent weddings venues in this area. If this is what you’re looking for-you’re in luck! With the wide selection, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs. Keep in mind-some barns don’t offer air conditioning! If you have your heart set on that particular venue, consider a wedding during the cooler months of the year.

  1. The Wedding Barn at L’Horne-located in Byron, this venue is not available during the summer months due to lack of AC. They have a very user friendly website where you can find their prices and even check their availability.
  2. Valley View Barn-located in Fort Valley, this venue offers all-inclusive packages, decor for you to select from, options for indoor and outdoor setups for a stress-free experience.
  3. Magnolia Mule Barn-located in Fort Valley, this venue offers a modern take with a black and white barn. They also have a beautiful chapel building and can accommodate weddings of more than 200 guests.
  4. The Legacy Barn at Durham’s Mill-tucked away in Kathleen, this enchanting property is secluded and perfect for smaller weddings.
  5. Hummingbird Hill Farms-located in Perry, this venue is situated on an expansive property that includes a barn (with air conditioning!), a gazebo, outdoor cocktail area, and a pond with geese. They also include a large variety of different items for you to incorporate like chalkboards, signs, lanterns, etc. Their bridal suite is beautifully decorated and gets the perfect light for getting ready photos!
  6. The Green Bell Bed and Barn-located in Perry, the beautifully maintained property can also host up to 18 guests onsite for overnight accommodations.
  7. Southern Bridle Farms-The Cedar Barn-located in Perry, this is the sister property to The Retreat. Your guests can lodge at The Retreat, which is just down the road.

Historic Wedding Venues

  1. The Grand Magnolia House-located in Marshallville, this historic antebellum mansion has indoor and outdoor options, as well as lodging for up to 14 guests.
  2. Rosa Laevigata– located in Byron, this historic estate can host up to 250 guests. One of the most beautiful features of the house is the magnificent staircase-perfect for bridal portraits!

Outdoor Wedding Venues

  1. The Venue at Tryphena’s Garden-located in Fort Valley, this charming Middle Georgia wedding venue with both indoor and outdoor options boasts beautifully landscaped gardens and a lake on property. Their gazebo lit with twinkle lights make a beautiful ceremony location.
  2. The Retreat of Southern Bridle Farms-located in Perry, this sprawling property is the epitome of classic Southern style. Their stunning property features a small manicured garden. Note: this property does not have air conditioning but is worth looking at!
  3. Forest Hill Park-located in Perry, just minutes away from downtown, this property is perfect for an intimate wedding. With a chapel on the grounds, you also have the option of an indoor space.
  4. Iron Horse-a new venue in Perry, this is the epitome of the charming countryside. Their pavilion is surrounded by beautiful fields and has a small barn and lake onsite that look beautiful for sunset photos.
  5. Houston Lake Country Club-for a classic feel, the Houston Lake Country Club has trees draped with Spanish Moss and a beautiful view of the eponymous lake.

I know the amount of choices when it comes to wedding planning can be daunting. I hope this blog post is helpful to you as you begin your search for you wedding venue in Middle Georgia. Remember to have fun as you plan for the big day and don’t forget that your marriage is truly what you’re celebrating! If you’d like to learn more about my wedding photography services, I would love to learn more about your love story!


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